That’s about how the conversation went when I told the first person about my blog plans.

B: Your cell phone is ringing…
A: Oh, what? taps on the cell phone
B: 2001 called and wants his blog back!
A: …



Not only since I’ve been working professionally in the IT world, I know that the solution to many IT problems is often only a Google search away. In complicated cases, however, you sometimes have to research longer… Over the years I’ve always found interesting perspectives and solutions on the net that have helped me to get progress. With this blog I would like to give something back. I want to share solutions and ideas to help others. So this website is not commercial, and does not serve self-promotion or the like.

Of course I could just share the informations at Reddit, Stackoverflow or any other forums or websites instead. But I want to run this independent from any platform. If I’d decide at any point in the future, that I don’t want to continue to run this website, it will be still available at the Internet Archive.


Thematically it will probably be about Windows Server, Office 365, PowerShell, Azure, Exchange Server etc..


I am looking forward to any feedback and suggestions for improvements to the website and its contents. But I haven’t set up a channel for that yet. A comment function for the blog is still in planning. The code of this website is available on Github.