6 minutes
Executing PowerShell cmdlets to retrieve the Timezone of a Sharepoint Online site in a human readable form

I’ve been looking for a way to retrieve the Timezone setting of a Sharepoint Online Site via PowerShell. Apparently there is not much good info publicly available. I looked for a way to use with the standard SPO PowerShell module named Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell.

1 minute
A photo of a trash can to symbolize a deleted Teams Channel

If you’re asking yourself “How long are deleted Teams channels retained?” or “For how long can I restore a deleted Teams channel?” you can find the answer relatively quick. But mostly the original source in the Microsoft documentation is missing.

Deploying Azure Resources by REST-API
1 minute
YouTube Thumbnail for Azure NAT-Gateway/ Azure Virtual Desktop

I created a PowerShell script to automatically deploy an Azure NAT-Gateway into an Azure Virtual Desktop environment. That’s useful, if you to need one static IP-Address for your AVD machines. I created the script as a submission for the Nerdio Hackathon 2021. My first Hackathon attendance :^).

The making of simpleIP.de
7 minutes

Serverless Computing is an interesting concept. You can execute a script or programm without setting up the infrastructure behind it (servers, storage, networks, etc.). You just write your code and it gets executed. But Serverless doesn’t mean “without any servers” - you just don’t need to worry about them. That’s not that much of a difference to renting classic webspace from any webhosting service and putting your PHP scripts there.

Try Microsoft 365 for free
2 minutes

You can register for a free Office 365/Microsoft 365 Tenant to try it out. Or you can add trial licenses to your existing tenant. You’ll get a 30 day trial phase. The trial contains 25 user licenses. After the expiration of the trial phase, you can delete the tenant or extend the trial. Alternatively you can purchase licenses to continue to use the services.

1 minute

So I needed a quick way to check a few folders for correct permissions. We had Windows Virtual Desktop/FSLogix user profile containers in an Azure Files share. Some of these profile folders had wrong permissions.

Enable iOS Access to Office 365 resources
5 minutes

When the first users logged into Office 365 with his iPhone to sync his Contacts and Calendar, he got this dialogue:

OAuth configuration manually done
4 minutes

At the end of the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) I received the following warning message:

MSExchWhenMailboxCreated might not be what it seems...
2 minutes

If you’re wondering when an Exchange mailbox got created, you will most likely stumble over the Active Directory user attribute MSExchWhenMailboxCreated. You can get the value using PowerShell or ADUC with advanced features enabled.

Set Exchange Mailboxfolder permissions using PowerShell
2 minutes

By default, the “Calendar” folder in Exchange 2013 Room Mailboxes has the “LimitedDetails” permission for the “Standard” security principal. Therefore, if no other permissions are configured, users cannot view details for appointments in this room. For better usability in Outlook, the “Reviewer” permission is more suitable. This allows items to be listed and details to be displayed. If required, the CalendarProcessing can be adjusted so that details such as the description and subject of the appointment are not saved in the room mailbox. Whether all this makes sense always depends on the environment.