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I’ll try to keep it short:

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Ich versuche es kurz und knackig zu halten:

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Here’s a quick tip on howto enable or disable the Staging Mode in Azure AD Connect via PowerShell. Sadly there is no native Cmdlet in the style of Set-ADSyncStagingMode or something like that.

Setup fails at 'Step 1 of 13: Stopping Services'
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I had an issue with a broken Exchange Server 2016 CU23. Or rather it was not fully installed.

by using Git and PowerShell
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Here’s a quick tip on howto remove Git Branches that were already merged (thus not necessary to keep around anymore) locally on Windows, using PowerShell. Assuming that you do have Git for Windows installed. Execute these commands on your own risk.

How many users are in that Azure AD Group?
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Apparently it’s not that easy to get the amount of members of a group with the Microsoft Graph API. We need to specify the additional header ConsistencyLevel: eventual to use the Advanced Query Capabilities. Then we can use the Query parameter $count. Alternatively I found that I could also add it as an URL query parameter instead. That would be &ConsistencyLevel=eventual.

Fehlercode: Microsoft.TeamsCmdlets.Powershell.Connect.ConnectMicrosoftTeams
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Ich habe heute einen merkwürdigen Fehler beim Verbinden mit der Teams PowerShell erhalten. Ich notiere das hier kurz, da ich nach 15 Sekunden Internetrecherche keine Lösung dazu gefunden habe 😇. Alles was ich dazu spontan gefunden hatte, hatte nichts mit Teams zu tun.

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In my opinion the official Microsoft Documentation lacks of any clear information on where to configure the allowed MFA methods for Azure AD. So if you’re also wondering on how to configure the allowed Multi-Factor-Authentication methods for Microsoft 365, you’ve come to right place.

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Just a short PowerShell snippet to list all users with administrative roles in a Microsoft 365 (or Azure AD) environment. In the Admin Portals you can usually only list all the users with a specific role, not all users with any admin role.

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A screenshot showing a Microsoft Teams Meeting invite with a dial-in phone number.

In neueren Microsoft Outlook Versionen es ist nicht mehr möglich, im Cache Modus für freigegebene Postfächer weitere E-Mails abzurufen. Stattdessen wird am Ende der E-Mail-Liste folgender Hinweis angezeigt: